How It Works



Deposits are $2,500.  This deposit HOLDS a specific horse at the ranch, or gives you the opportunity to view any horse at the ranch.  Please let us know which horse you're wanting to hold as horses are sold daily.  You can book viewings Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday  from 9:00AM - 12:00PM and 1:00PM - 4:00PM and Wednesday from 9:00AM - 12:00
PM.  Visits to the ranch will be conducted by an H Bar Horses representative or Will Hanson. You are welcome to bring a trainer or friends to help make your horse purchase decision a little easier.  Deposits are non-refundable, however, in some situations it can be used/applied towards another horse currently offered for sale at H Bar Horses. In some cases, deposits are also used to have a horse vetted or inspected by a third party(trainer), or to line up shipping and delivery. A deposit will always go towards your purchase.  

Every Wednesday from 1:00PM to 3:00PM, we will be having an open house during which you can visit the ranch without a deposit put down to view the horses currently available at the ranch. 

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Coggins and Health Certificates:


Every horse at H Bar Horses has a current negative Coggins test. If you purchase a horse and need it shipped out of state, we are happy to arrange the health certificate.


Veterinarian/Pre-Purchase Exams:


You are welcome to hire any veterinarian of your choice, or we are happy to call around and find a veterinarian on your behalf.




Here at H Bar Horses, we can arrange affordable and timely shipping internationally. Shipping for domestic customers in the United States is also something we can handle.




We have several full time trainers at H Bar Horses that specialize in cutting, cow horse, roping, trail riding, colt starting, and tricks. We can put more time on a horse you purchase or are happy to arrange a trainer suitable for your needs. Rates depend on the amount of time needed and specialty of training.


Boarding and Layaways:


We are happy to board your horses. If you purchase a horse but don't want it delivered for a while, we are happy to board it at $25/day.


Bridles and Saddles:


We sell some of the tack and saddles at the ranch. Customers steadily request to buy the tack that we train horses in and the saddles that we ride in every day. We are happy to sell you something broke in or a bridle that your horse in used to. We can also line you up with new tack to fit your needs.




Everyone asks after they commit to purchasing a horse how the money transaction works. No horse is shipped or leaves the property until all funds have cleared and the horse is paid for in full. We accept bank wires, personal checks, Venmo, and cash app.




We love to upgrade and swap out horses day and night. If circumstances change, or you decide it's time to change horses or sell, don't hesitate to call! I'll do my best to buy your trade horse or upgrade you to something more desirable. It's hard enough finding the right kind of horses and we would love the opportunity to buy back H Bar horses any chance we get. We don't want you shopping anywhere else!